Studying in Canada

Studying in CanadaCanada is known for its wonderful education system, and there is no better place than Vancouver. Known for its snow-capped mountains, lakes and world-class universities, Vancouver is the ideal destination for prospective international students.

The University of British Columbia is the city’s largest and most reputable education institution. It is ranked 50th in the best universities in the world and had many world-class academics teaching at there. Other notable universities include, but are not limited to, University of Canada West, Langara College and Columbia College.

The first thing you must to before thinking about applying for a visa is to land a place at one of the collages or universities. Once you have a place then you can begin the process. There are some countries which do not require a visa to study in Canada. These countries and known as visa-exempt countries but will still need an electronic visa to gain entry to the country, as you would if you were visiting.

As well as being accepted to study there are some other requirements which you must meet before being able to start your course. These include showing that you can afford to pay your fees and support yourself while living there, have no criminal record (a police check might be asked for) and sometimes you might be asked to comply with a medical test. It’s important to apply in good time as processing times vary depending on where you are applying for your visa.

It is possible to work while you are studying and to stay in Canada to seek work once you have graduated. There are several stipulations that must be followed and these include, not working more than 20 hours in term time and you must be studying for more than six months. You’ll have to apply for a social security number before you can be legally employed.