Vancouver is a wonderful city and often voted one of the best places in the world to live. Canada’s third largest city has everything you could wish for. From skiing to partying all within an hour of each other. No wonder so many people want to live in this multicultural, diverse and vibrant metropolis.

In these pages we will look at a variety of things from the standard of living in Vancouver, which is indeed very high, to the visa process you will haver to go to is you wish to move to Canada. The city also scored high on the OEDC quality of life index, and with high average salaries, low pollution levels and an excellent education system, it’s easy to see why. We will also look at what you need to do if you want to study in Canda and look at the taxation system so you can calculate how much you will get in take-home pay for your new job in Vancouver!

Canada has a new Prime Minister, who is a member of the liberal party, so we will also look at what kind of policies his party wish to introduce over the course of their tenure in government. Finally we will assess some of the different districts in the city to help you decide where you might want to live, before finally looking at some of the highlights of the city which include its many parks, the great museums, and sailing and skiing right on your doorstep.