Living in Vancouver

Vancouver is often considered one the world’s best cities in which to live. It is the countries third most populous metropolitan area and has a population of around 600,000 people. Which is small but international standards but large by Canadian. This city with a village feel is what many people love about Canada’s second city. However the wider metropolitan area, not city proper, is home to over two million people.

Vancouver is the country’s most expensive place to live due to its culture Living in Vancouverand geographical placement, meaning that it’s perfect for bars and restaurants, as well as sailing and skiing. The population is growing rapidly in Canada due to its international reputation and growing technology scene and film industries.

While English might be the official language of the city, there are around 30,000 Chinese speakers alone. The city also has a large Indian and Vietnamese population and the city is known for its wonderful cheap sushi and Asian food. It is estimated that a third of the population has a native language which is not English. The city has a very mild climate and said to be the warmest big city in the whole of Canada. Warm winds flow from the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains block the cold air from the rest of the country reaching Vancouver.

Education is known for being high in Vancouver, and assistance for university is provided. The city boasts two great universities, British Columbia and Simon Fraser. Vancouver also has some of the cleanest air in Canada and also some of the lowest obesity rates. Though many people do own a car here, you don’t really need one. People are encouraged to use the city’s extensive public transportation system. The Sky Train network is considered one of the best and is efficient, clean and runs often. There is only one major highway in the city.